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Passenger conduct

You may not smoke in any part of any aircraft operated by Tigerair. Failure to adhere to this regulation may result in severe criminal penalties being brought against you as well as disruption costs being claimed against you by Tigerair.

Tigerair will supply and serve passengers, where appropriate, alcoholic beverages on board our aircraft. The cabin crew reserve the right to refuse alcohol to any passenger they deem to be unfit to consume alcohol and passengers are prohibited from consuming their own alcohol on board.

In the interest of safety passengers are prohibited from carrying hot drinks on board.

Passengers are also reminded that under Singaporean and international law the Captain is in command of the aircraft and every person on board should obey his or her lawful commands.

All Tigerair Captains are given authority to deal with unruly or disruptive passengers in whatever way he or she sees fit. This may include physical restraint and, when possible, removal from the flight of such persons. Security or policing personnel will be called to meet the aircraft and the persons will be handed over.

No refund or compensation will be provided and in the event of a deliberate act costs will be recovered.