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Seat selector

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During the booking process, your seats will be automatically assigned with the standard seat rows at a small fee.

You may wish to select your preferred seat(s) if

  • you are travelling with your family or with a large group of friends, and wish to be seated together, or
  • you need more leg room,
  • you would like easy access to the aisles or
  • you want a seat close to the front of the plane for quick boarding/departure

Kindly note the pricing of each seat selector option differs by routes.

Tigerair Singapore operates both Airbus A320 and Airbus A319 aircrafts and thus the seating configuration differs.

Seats at row 11, 12 and 30 for A320 cannot be recline. For A319, seats at row 12 and 26 are also not able recline.

If you do not wish to select your seat(s), you may skip the pre-selection and continue without any seat assignment, at no cost.

It's easy to get the seat you want with seat selector

Icon Seat

To choose the seat selector add-on, check the seat selector icon at the time of booking.

Step 1: Select your flight - Outbound/Inbound.

Step 2: Choose your desired seat from the interactive seat map. Available seats will be indicated in purple colour and will be available for pre-selection.

Step 3: Confirm your flight booking and you're done! The cost displayed will be added to your total flight purchase price.

Please note that the Seat Selector option is only available during online bookings, or at least 4 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure via manage my booking or the call center.

Once you have confirmed your flight booking, the Seat Selector fee is non-refundable. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions applicable to Seat Selector. Seat selection is subject to availability.

Seat Selector fees are charged per sector, meaning that for a return journey, the fee will be charged once each way per person. Look for the sector icon on services that are charged this way.