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Children and infants

Children aged 2 (two) years and above at the time of travel are required to occupy a seat onboard our flights. They are required to pay the full fare, taxes and charges.

Subject to the following, children below age 15 will not be accepted for carriage unless they are accompanied by an adult. Anyone aged 12 to 14 inclusive may be accepted for carriage unaccompanied with a signed indemnity form at the point of check-in at each departure airport by a parent or a guardian. Parents and guardians must remain at the airport until the departure of the flight. Prevailing laws of each country may differ in respect of the carriage of unaccompanied children. Young persons aged 15 to 17 inclusive may travel unaccompanied.

Escort and special facilities are NOT available. Children below the age of 12 must be accompanied on the same reservation by a passenger aged 18 or above who will take full responsibility for the minor.

The charge for carriage of infants is S$50 per infant per sector, when they are seated on an adult's lap (maximum 1 (one) infant per adult aged 18 or over). If you are travelling with an infant, Tigerair will allow at no additional charge, 1 (one) piece of infant equipment, such as a pram or portable cot to be checked, in addition to any Luggage Upsize™ allowance purchased. If the infant reaches the age of 2 (two) years prior to the return journey they must pay the applicable fare, taxes, fees and charges for that part of the journey. Proof of age will be required; so please have the infant's valid documentation available for inspection. For those adults wishing to purchase a seat onboard the aircraft for infants, this is possible providing the adult fare for the seat is paid, in this case the Luggage Upsize™ options will apply for baggage to be checked into the hold of the aircraft.

Infants under 2 years old hand held by adult and requiring infant seat belt are not permitted at row 1 due to the installation of inflatable seat belt.

approved child car seats

Approved car-type child seats may be used for a child under 3 years but not less than 6 months of age. The seat must be forward-facing and can be secured to the aircraft passenger seat by means of the aircraft safety belt. It must also be approved by a foreign airworthiness authority / government standards:

  • United Kingdom (UK) Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)
  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the United States of America as meeting the Technical Standard Order TSO-C100b; or seats that have two markings: "This Restraint is Certified for Use in Motor Vehicles and Aircraft" in red lettering and "This seat conforms to all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS)"
  • European Safety Standard requirements of United Nations ECE Regulation 44 (UN/ECE 44)
  • Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (CMVSS) No. 213 entitled "Child Restraint Systems" or CMVSS No. 213.1 entitled "Infant Seating and Restraint Systems"
  • Australian/New Zealand design standard AS/NZS 1754 for infant car seats.

faa-approved child harness

FAA-approved child harness (AmSafe's Child Aviation Restraint System (CAReS)) can also be used on our flights

  • CARES Child Aviation Restraint System is designed specially for aviation for child age one and older who weigh between 22 and 44 pounds (10kg to 20kg). CARES FAA-certified and manufactured exclusively by AMSAFE. There is no minimum age limit for using CARES, however, a child must meet the minimum weight requirement of 22 pounds (10kg), and be able to sit “front facing” to use CARES.

Only one approved car-type child seat or FAA-approved child harness per row is allowed. Both cannot be installed on seats at the emergency exit rows as well as the rows immediately before and after it.

The manufacturer’s instructions must be provided by the passengers, for crew reference.

The preferred location for both is a window seat. Other locations are acceptable provided that access to the aisle from any other seat in that seat row is not restricted.

The use of booster seats is not permitted.

travelling during pregnancy

Pregnant women must have completed their journey in full by the end of the 34th week of pregnancy. Flying is not permitted from the beginning of the 35th week onwards. A medical certificate is required to confirm that the passenger is fit to travel between the beginning of the 30th week and the end of the 34th week. You must contact our call centre to arrange such bookings.

travel to and from the philippines

Special regulations apply to persons under 18 years of age travelling to or from the Philippines.

Filipino persons under 18 years of age leaving the Philippines must be accompanied by both parents/legal guardians unless documentation from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) has been satisfactorily completed. Please refer to the DSWD for complete information.

For Alien non-resident minors aged up to 14 years (inclusive), travelling without parents/legal guardians, a Waiver of Exclusion Ground (WEG) must be obtained. It is highly recommended to obtain the WEG before leaving the point of origin.