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Welcome to Wuxi, the land of fish and rice!

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Wuxi is an ancient city with a rich history of more than 3000 years. It is a busy port and one of the most prosperous cities in China today. It is also known for its scenic locales. From lush green mountains to the magnificent Tai lake, the city offers much in terms of natural beauty and pleasant weather that makes it a great place to visit.

The Tai Lake is easily the biggest draw in Wuxi, believed to be the source of all things beautiful around the city. The lake is dotted with many resorts and garden cafes where you can spend hours enjoying the views of misty lake and green hills nearby. Li Garden and Plum Garden Scenic Area offer gorgeous natural escapes for every traveller.

The Lingshan Grand Buddha on Lingshan Mountain is an imposing 88 metre high bronze statue of Sakyamuni Buddha and a beautiful example of Buddhist culture and Chinese craftsmanship. Visit the Three Kingdom Film City, a popular tourist site that lets you relive the ancient times of the Three Kingdoms Period in Chinese history.

Wuxi offers shopping experiences, both new and old. There are quite a few modern malls as well as plenty of places for street shopping. Get yourself one of the famous Huishan clay figurines from Heng Street or Zhi Street. The unique Purple Clay Teapot is another favourite souvenir of many travellers to Wuxi. The Tai Lake pearl makes for a great purchase and is famous for its nutrient and beauty properties.

Try the local food of Wuxi and you’ll be mesmerized. Steamed bun in a small bamboo steamer, wonton with “three fresh ingredients”, oil-dried bean curd and blue shrimps are a few dishes that you must sample.

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