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Welcome to the Temple Town, Trichy!

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Trichy is known by several names: Tiruchy, Thiruchi and Tiruchirapalli. It is the thriving commercial centre of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu and famous for its temples, diamonds, cigars, handloom cloth, glass bangles, and wooden and clay toys. There’s so much to see and experience in the city!

Visit the iconic Rockfort Temple, a beautiful temple atop a rocky mountain. Climb up the steps and reach the summit to enjoy the panoramic views of the town. From here, you can easily see the Sri Ranganatha Swami temple; another important Hindu pilgrim site. It is one of the largest temple complexes in India built on an island on the Cauvery River. It is a fascinating place to experience with a museum, bazaars and shoes and bicycle deposit kiosks. You can easily spend an entire day admiring the ancient temples and old way of life.

For outdoor activity, Pachamalai offers a good trekking opportunity. This hill range is home to many tribal communities, birds and animals. Picturesque streams and waterfalls add to its charm. Puliyancholai is another beautiful natural site worth visiting; it offers a safe green forest area where one can just sit back and enjoy the river and the waterfalls.

Trichy, being an important commercial centre, offers food from across the country. While it’s fairly easy to get North Indian food, you shouldn’t miss the local South Indian fare. There are quite a few nice places to eat near Rockfort temple. Banana Leaf serves spicy Andhra food, while Vasanta Bawan is known for the North Indian cuisine. For authentic Chettinad food, Kannappa is the place to go.

Trichy is known for its handicrafts, brassware, bamboo mats and baskets. You can head out to the Cinnar bazaar to pick up some unique pieces.

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