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Welcome to Surabaya, Indonesia’s gateway to the Far East!

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Surabaya on the North Eastern Java Island is often touted as the transit point to connect to other Indonesian islands further east. This charming place, however, has many treasures of its own and spending your next holiday in Surabaya is a great idea. The city offers beautiful natural views, a rich cultural experience and numerous food and shopping opportunities.

Start with exploring Batik (a colourful Indonesian fabric) in Surabaya, often considered its birthplace. The House of Batik is an exhibition and sale site offering Batik from east Java’s 16 different regencies. It’s as authentic as it can get and a perfect souvenir from Surabaya.

Want to play with some elephants? Visit the stunning Coban Rondo Falls, the location of The Elephants' School Waykambas Lampung – Sumatra for some lovely holiday memories in Surabaya.

There are many ancient monuments in Surabaya worth visiting. Masjid Cheng Ho is one of them. The Kong Co Kong Tik Cun Ong Temple is an 18th century Buddhist temple; a serene place with incense in the air. The House of Sampoerna, also popularly known as the House of Cigarettes, is a beautiful Dutch colonial building that houses a cigarette factory, café, art gallery and a souvenir gift shop; a must visit for every traveller.

Spend a fun evening with exciting rides and awesome food, music and dance at the Suroboyo Carnival night market. And if you happen to travel to Surabaya in October, do not miss the Pakuwon Food Festival.

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