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Fly to Shenzhen, the commercial metropolis of China!

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Shenzhen is the geographical link between Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland, known for its massive theme parks and shopping complexes. Window of the World is one of the most popular ones around. Enjoy looking at the miniature versions of more than 130 world-famous sites. Along with this are the usual rides, restaurants and Splendid China and China Folk Culture Villages that offer cultural insights into the region.

Looking for a modern commercial place to eat and drink? Then Sea World is the one. It has many European-styled cafes and restaurants, with an ocean liner remodelled into a hotel at the centre. Here, you will find quite a few international chains of beer pubs and fast-food joints.

Head over to Nanhai E-Cool for a more laidback and leisurely time with numerous coffee shops and tiny local stores along the way. If walking is your thing, then you will love this place.

The Tien Hou Temple, Chiwan, close to Sea World, offers a calm and serene space. Though built and renovated several times, it is still an ancient building, which now has a museum to provide visitors with an insight into the history of the temple.

The Nanshan Mountain (for a small trek), the Xianhu Botanical Garden and the Xiao Meisha Scenic Area are perfect spots for nature enthusiasts. Art lovers will enjoy the He Xiangning Art Museum and OCT Loft & O-CAT (the Contemporary Art Terminal).

As far is food is concerned, Shenzhen offers much for the foodies. Authentic Chinese cuisines from the different provinces and the Japanese and Thai foods are a must try.

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