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Welcome to the busy port and ancient Chinese city, Ningbo!

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Ningbo is one of the oldest cities in China and the birthplace of the Hemudu culture. It is also one of the most progressive cities. Being a natural harbour, it is one of the busiest ports and the most developed city in Zhejiang.

As a traveller, there’s so much to do in Ningbo. Enjoy riverside views at the Bund, which boasts of several cool cafes and restaurants, both old and new. It’s an interesting place and frequented by most travellers from around the world. Or be at the centre of the city at Tianyi Square, the biggest commercial complex that has modern sleek buildings and serves as a one-stop shopping, entertainment and commercial plaza.

Buddhist sites like the Ashoka Temple and Tiantong Temple are reminders of the glorious past of Ningbo. Dive into the really ancient relics at the Hemudu site that dates back to more than 7000 years. It is one of the earliest Neolithic Age sites in China and some tools, building remains and jewellery are displayed at the exhibition area.

Visit Tengtou, the perfect village, located 27 kms from the city. It is a quiet little place with sustainable practices and architecture dating back to the Ming Dynasty. Ningbo has a rich tradition of unique handicrafts; so do take a look at the exquisite gilt wooden engravings, golden-silver thread embroidery, some bamboo ware and foil-gilt lacquer work at some of the traditional stores!

For nature enthusiasts, there is the Tiantai Mountain, Nanxi Hot Spring and Dongqian Lake. A visit to these will truly refresh you.

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