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Welcome to Nanning, the Green City!

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Blessed with a pleasant climate throughout, Nanning is an abundance of green the year round. Blooming flowers and lush foliage make it a pretty place to visit. It has more than 30 ethnic minority communities and is a culturally rich region. The importance of Nanning also lies in its location, serving as a gateway to South West China

Nanning boasts of beautiful outdoors and there are many parks open to public. The Nanhu Lake Park and Jinhuacha Park are well-planned sites in the southeast of the city. Lots of eating places, entertainment centres and beautiful scenery make them ideal for spending the day with family. Nanning People’s Park is another similar site with lovely landscaped gardens and the highest point in the Nanning urban area.

Visit Asia’s largest waterfall at Detian Waterfall, a three-tiered transnational waterfall, it is simply stunning and makes for a superb sight. Mt. Qingxiu is full of lush green trees and beautiful springs. The Dragon Elephant Pagoda and other cultural relics are also located on the mountain, making it even more interesting.

Visit the Guangxi Ethnic Relics Centre to get acquainted with the several ethnic groups in the region. You can also sample the traditional delicacies in the many restaurants there. Take a stroll in the Yangmei Ancient Town, a picturesque place that is still untouched by modernity. You will come across some old structures and a way of life dating back to thousands of years.

Some of the local dishes include Lao You Fen (old friend rice noodles), Ba Zhen Fen (eight treasures rice noodles), Shao Ya (roasted duck), Suan Ye (fermented fruit or vegetable) and various porridges that are unique to this region.

Nanning offers history, art, culture and nature. Make the most of your visit with Tigerair’s daily flights from Singapore to Nanning.