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Welcome to Jinan, China’s beautiful spring city!

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Jinan, more than 4600 years old, is still a modern city, and an economic and cultural centre of the eastern Shandong Province. The city has more than 100 springs and many other attractions like mountains, lakes and rivers along with modern and historical buildings that make it a perfect holiday destination.

Visit Daming Lake, a tourist hotspot. A constant supply through its artesian springs ensures good water levels through the year. During summers, you can see the lake blooming with lotuses.

The most famous spring in Jinan is undoubtedly the Baotu Spring in the Baotu Spring Park. The pristine water of this spring is ideal for drinking and is at a constant 18°C throughout the year.

Visit the Xiuyuan River Scenic Area for a fun-filled day and an enchanting evening experience. The park, within its 1300-hectare area, features wetlands, beautiful flowers, plants and waterfalls. The musical fountain on the river-bank is a popular evening sight.

To get away from the humdrum of the city, head over to Qushuiting Street for some quiet time in beautiful natural surroundings. It is a historic alley following the course of the winding water creek. Jiuru Mountain Scenic Area, a national forest park is also a popular scenic location. You will spot splendid waterfalls, ponds, peaks and lush green foliage.

Visit the Thousand Buddha Mountain if you’re interested in culture, history, nature and trek. On your way up the mountain, you will see many temples and historical relics of the 1000 Buddhas, carved out from the stone or the figurines placed inside the caves.

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