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Need a doorway to the east? Jakarta is the place to explore it all!

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More than 13,000 islands and over 300 ethnic groups make up what we call Jakarta. The capital city of Indonesia is much known and loved for its cultural diversity, rich heritage and stunning natural landscapes.

When in Jakarta, there are few things you just cannot miss and one of them is food. With such cultural depth, there is bound to be a juxtaposition of cuisines. So expect an enriching gastronomic journey with street food and international cuisine at Michelin star restaurants. You can find regular Chinese fare to exotic animal meat and international and contemporary dishes from around the world, thanks to its tourist traffic and local expat population.

For shoppers, Jakarta is often considered a Mecca of all things trendy and fashionable minus the high price. True, it does have many designer stores, but it’s the local streets where the real action is. Lanes with several enormous malls, the more traditional Pasars, flea markets and night markets offer everything under the sun, along with food and entertainment.

Jakarta is a city that truly never sleeps. For a bustling energetic city during the day, the city turns into a nightlife haven by evening. You can party or spend a more laidback time in a lounge till the wee hours of the morning. Skye Bar, Potato Head and Dragonfly are some of the more famous party hotspots.

There are buildings of historical importance and much sought after volcano expeditions; Jakarta is deservedly one of the most spirited destinations around the world.

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