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Discover Hong Kong, one of the world’s most visited cities!

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This island-city derives its name from its export of fragrant incense; Hong Kong translates into fragrant harbor. Situated on China’s southern coast, Hong Kong is a melting pot of cultures; the East meets West and the old blends with the new. Its bustling streets, busy markets and a frenetic waterfront transport you into a distinctive world.

Ride a tram to the top of the Peak for a bird’s eye view of the island; Victoria’s Peak is the highest point on the Hong Kong Island and one of the most visited tourist spots in Hong Kong. En-route; stop over at the beautiful Man Mo Temple, one of the oldest temples in Hong Kong. It is a tribute to the Gods of Literature (Man) and War (Mo).

Spend a memorable day with the kids: Visit Disneyland or Ocean Park for a fantastic aquarium, thrilling rides and more.

Indulge the romantic in you with a sunset cruise around Victoria Harbor, then take a leisurely stroll along the waterfront.

Enjoy the local shopping delights, binge on the delicacies including egg tarts, and experience the best of the eastern culture in this city. Visit the Ladies Market, Temple Street Night Market, Jardine’s Crescent, KoShing Street and Ching Yeung Street for an array of knick-knacks, souvenirs and traditional Cantonese food.

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