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Welcome to the Chinese port city of Guangzhou, known for its exotic cuisine and foreign trade!

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Literally meaning “City of Flowers”, Guangzhou has blooming flowers for most part of the year owing to its sub-tropical weather. Like most major cities in China, Guangzhou has touches of both the ultramodern as well as the traditional. The food, clothing and architecture; all see a mix of both. Mostly known for its flourishing trade activities and a transit city to other Chinese destinations, there is still a lot to explore in this vibrant city.

Chinese food lovers will be spoilt for choice in this historical city. The Cantonese cuisine is a major draw, and its dishes are popular across the region. People here eat almost everything. Therefore, you can imagine the range of foods. The non-vegetarian street fare is not for the faint hearted. The locals enjoy stewed snake, wildcat and dog meat. Cantonese cuisine unlike lot of other Chinese cuisines makes sparse use of seasonings and thick sauces in order to retain a dish’s natural flavour. Guangzhou is considered to be the birthplace of dim sums, so do not miss sampling the innumerable varieties. Traditional Chinese tea, Yuntun Mian (Wonton Noodles), Guiling Gao, Chang Fen (steamed vermicelli rolls) are much loved and available as street fare as well as in the upmarket restaurants and cafes.

You always have access to the latest in shopping, in a port city. Being located close to Hong Kong and Macau, Guangzhou is no exception. Many consider it a shopper’s paradise and for good reason. The Shangxia Jiu Lu Pedestrian Street is often the first place that tourists visit. With more than 200 stores, it’s the place to experience the best of shopping, eating and history in Guangzhou. Local traditional products like herbal tea, Cantonese sculptures and embroidery are worth checking out.

Binjiang Lu, Huanshi Lu and Bai'e Tan are famous for their bars. Here, you will find from the local to the snazzy upmarket bars and pubs. A night cruise along the Pearl River is the perfect way to experience the sights and sounds of the city’s nightlife from a calming distance.

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