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Clark (Manila)

Visit the very cosmopolitan Clark!

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Being a former US air force base, Clark has many American influences. Famous landmarks like Salakot, a towering monument symbolising the Philippine-US friendship, the US Memorial Cemetery, Pres. Manuel Roxas Marker and many other historical buildings are interesting sites to visit.

Here, you will meet people from different parts of the world, who have now made Clark their home for its relaxed atmosphere, great weather and cosmopolitan crowd.

Unlike other cities in the Philippines, Clark is more laidback and quiet. Many country-styled parks and beaches offer open spaces and nice views to spend the day at leisure. There are also some world-class golf courses and it’s easy to mix business with pleasure at the five-star resorts and retreats here.

Hot air balloon festivals and wine tasting events at the resorts are a regular feature at Clark; do not miss them. For family outings, the Fontana Water Park, the Clark Nature Park and the Clark Dinosaur Island are some popular choices. Nayong Pilipino is a unique miniature park spread across 45 acres of land, offering visitors a glimpse into the Philippines’ geography, culture and history; all in one go.

For nature lovers, a trek to Mount Pinatubo volcano is an exciting adventure. Skydiving and other adventure sports are also popular, so there will be plenty opportunities for those looking for an adrenaline rush.

Clark has in store the finest in dining and entertainment. Many restaurants, cafes and pubs offer interesting menus from around the world. You can expect many global cuisines as well as some contemporary fusion ones, delighting the foodie in you.

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