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The “Rose of the north” is its literal meaning and Chiang Mai situated in the northern part of Thailand lives up to its name. It’s laidback and more connected to its roots. For travellers seeking a culturally diverse Thailand but away from the fast-paced cities like Bangkok, Chiang Mai is a perfect place to be.

It’s a city that’s home to more than 300 temples or Wats. Visit some of these marvellous monuments that hold immense historic and cultural importance: Wat Phra Sing for Phra Phuttha Sihing, the sacred Buddha image; Wat Phan Tao for the exquisite teakwood carvings; and Wat Chedi Luang for Chiang Mai’s largest Buddhist chedi (Stupa).

The Chiang Mai Zoo is another fun place to visit. You can spend your entire day meeting over 400 species of animals including the two goodwill ambassadors from China, the pandas. You can also enjoy a walk through the aviary and a fresh water aquarium.

The home of traditional paper umbrellas is Bor Sang Village, and here you will find exquisite, handcrafted products that are now the identity of this tiny village. For a local Thai flavour, head to Talat Warorot, one of the oldest bazaars in Chiang Mai where you will find interesting items from the mundane to the exotic. For more shopping, head to the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar.

Some famous places to eat include Huen Phen in Ratchamankha for authentic northern Thai food, The Service 1921 for Southeast-Asian dishes in their toned down versions for an international palette and Lert Ros, another insanely popular local hangout.

Though not as well known as its southern cousin, Bangkok, Chiang Mai has much to offer to travellers from all over the world in terms of nature, history and art.

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